Become a PorkMark licencee

What you need to know to become a PorkMark Licensee

The Australian PorkMark program enables a licensee to use the distinctive Australian Grown/Pork logo on their packaging and advertising.

To become part of the Australian PorkMark Program, you need to determine the type of licence you require. There are two different types of licences: Import permit holder and non-import permit holder.

If your company holds an import licence you will be required to become part of an APL licensing arrangement to enable your processed goods to use the distinctive Australian Pork logo on your packaging and licensing.

If you do not hold an import licence, the licensing process is as simple as completing a one page agreement stating the appropriate use of the logo.

Download the non-importer PorkMark licence form here

If you handle uncooked fresh pork products the use of the logo on these products will not require a licence.

For more information please contact:
Marketing Coordinator – PorkMark

Tenita Campton

0436 190 252

Marketing Assistant – PorkMark

Tracey Buckler

02 6270 8833