Customer Engagement

Having good relationships with customers is one easy way to maintain business.

BUT are you making the most of your customers?

A valuable relationship is better than just knowing customer names.  A valuable relationship (i.e. where you get increasing amounts of revenue) is the best way to insure your future.  And your existing customers are the fastest and surest way to grow your business. 

The average Australian butcher captures only 24 cents of every dollar their customer spends on meat.  Knowing your customers and giving them what they want will not only make sure they come back and buy again, but that they'll also tell their friends about the good experience they've had. Meaning they will not only come back, but they'll bring their friends.  Increasing sales is the key driver for a successful business.

Below is an outline of some quick and easy ways to engage the customer while they're in your store:


1. Engage the customer with a respectful greeting, such as "good morning/afternoon, how's your day going?"

2. Ask an open ended question, such as "what's for dinner tonight / for the rest of the week?"

3. Let them know about any new products while you are serving them.

4. Keep a count on how many meals they have purchased - make suggestions for anything they have missed.  For example "what about some mince for Wednesday night?"

5. Suggest meal solutions to get an extra sale, for example "have you tried pork mince in your spaghetti Bolognese?  The kids love it."

6. Provide cooking sheets for new products.

7. Have information or quick reference sheets available for your counter staff.


Click here for a downloadable reference sheet for your store.