What is PorkMark?



The Australian PorkMark Program enables you to use the pink square Australian Pork logo on your Australian smallgoods to help shoppers clearly identify 100% home-grown, fresh Australian pork and processed smallgoods.  By using the highly recognisable pink Australian PorkMark you are ensuring consumers that your product is made with 100% Australian pork.

The Australian PorkMark is a great tool for differentiating your smallgoods product from those using imported pork. A 2014 study found that 71% of Australians prefer to buy bacon made from Australian pork, even if the product is 20% more expensive and more than half of consumers said they check where their bacon comes from before they make a purchase.

"We feel that Australians prefer to support local producers and buy Australian whenever they can," said Mr Spencer. "The continuation of our pink label campaign makes it easier for them to do just that."

The Australian PorkMark program was developed to combat increased competition from imports of frozen pork. Over $9.4 million worth of pork imports arrive by boat in Australia every week, which is nearly half a billion dollars heading offshore each year. Considering that 57% of Australians are unaware that Ham and Bacon can be made using imported pork, there is a strong need to identify 100% Australian pork in the market.

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