Become a PorkMark licensee

How to become a PorkMark Licensee

The Australian PorkMark program enables a licensee to use the registered pink Australian PorkMark logo on their packaging, marketing materials and advertising.

The PorkMark should be used in conjunction with the mandatory Country of Origin Labels. We suggest using them side by side, to show customers your product is both made and grown in Australia.

To become part of the Australian PorkMark program, you need to determine the type of licence you require. There are two different types of licences: import permit holder and non-importer.

If your company holds an import permit you will still be able to use the PorkMark logo on your Australian processed goods. You will need to sign a different licensing arrangement – please contact us at to arrange this.

If you do not hold an import licence, the licensing process is as simple as completing the online form and agreeing to the terms and conditions

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