Christmas Social Media Guide – 2017

The festive season has arrived and it’s time to step up your social media engagement! This time of year is busy, but great customer service, tips and advice at this time of year can translate into increased sales and return business in the New Year.

We’ve tried to make this easy for you, but we encourage you to get personal with your customers and share what you’re doing in-store, what your specials are and the tips and tricks to wow their guests this Christmas.

If you’re into hashtags, consider using #Christmasham #aussieham and #aussiepork.

This is a guide, but it will work best if you personalise it!

Click on the images to download them for your social media pages. 





27 November  (Monday)

Christmas Ham Season Launch

Today marks the start of Christmas ham season! While you can enjoy ham year round, there’s something special about that beautiful Christmas ham.  Join us and celebrate great #aussieham made from 100% #aussiepork

Christmas Ham Poster

29 November (Wednesday)

Bone-in = Aussie

Do you make your own ham? If so, use today to promote it. If you buy it in, tell the story of your supplier and encourage people to come in, try and buy! Push the fact you’re taking orders for ham.


Did you know all bone-in hams are #australian? Make sure your sliced ham is too, by looking for the PorkMark or product of Australia. #aussieham

Use a photo of your own ham or download the PorkMark logo below

Australian Pork

1 December (Friday)

Roasts now available

The countdown is on until the jolly man arrives, but you can ensure there’s joy in your festive feast by serving up a crackling-crowned pork roast! Order now and pick up on [XXX] December #aussiepork #christmas

Christmas Poster Roast

4 December (Monday)

In-store activity

[XXXStaff namesXXX] are getting in the Christmas spirit and sharing their secret tips for a perfect pork roast – come and find out what they are! #aussiepork #christmas

Post a fun photo of your staff

6 December (Wednesday)

How to slice ham

There’s something satisfying about #aussieham carved straight from the bone. Don’t be daunted, here’s some tips to help you carve it like a pro!

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Or post this video on carving a Christmas ham:

8 December (Friday)

How to choose a great ham

Not sure how to choose the perfect #christmas ham? No problems, we’ll help you pick a winner and it will be a 100% #aussieham


Make your festive feast stand out by putting a whole leg ham at the centre. Here’s a delicious glaze recipe.

11 December (Monday)

Roast advertising starts on TV

Have you seen the #aussiepork #christmas ad? We’re salivating… come and get your roast now!

13 December (Wednesday)

Cooking up a traditional #Christmas feast? Here’s some tips to make the perfect crispy #crackling and roast #aussiepork

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Post this video for the perfect crackling:

15 December (Friday)

Check out this delicious roast pork inspiration for your #Christmas Feast  #aussiepork #roastpork

18 December (Monday)

Only a week to go until Christmas Day! Remember our opening hours this week are [XXX]

20 December (Wednesday)

Feeding a crowd this #christmas? If you’re not sure what size roast you need, come in and we’ll help you out. As a guide, we recommend 1.5-2kg for 6 to 8 people if it’s boneless, or 3.5-4kg for 10-12 people if it’s bone-in. #roastpork #aussiepork

Roast pork loin with stuffing

22 December (Friday)

TICK TOCK! If you’re still planning your #christmas menu, consider something like this Country Roast Pork. A little bit of prep, then into the oven so you can get back to the fun.  #aussiepork

24 December (Sunday – so only if open)

 Christmas Eve

There’s still time to get your Christmas meat – we’re open until [XXX!]

25 December (Either Schedule this post or post on the last day that you are open)

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas friends, from all the team at [SHOP NAME]!

Picture of your team

27 December (Monday)

Only if open!

We’re back in the shop and ready to help you get that barbecue pumping and also help with those lazy summer meals. Happy holidays!

29 December (Wednesday)

New Year’s

Leftover Ham? Create these elegant yet simple canapes for your New Year’s celebrations

Share this recipe: Ham Bruschetta

2 January (Tuesday)

Healthy New Year

Happy New Year! If like us you’re ready to reset and you’re looking for something lighter, we’re ready to help. We’re thinking pork steaks tonight. #australianpork #622

5 January (Friday)

Leftover ham

Still got some leftover #Christmas Ham? Why not use it to create a delicious brunch?

Share this recipe: Croque Madam

8 January (Monday)


Did you know you can get perfect pork in just 10 minutes? Give #622 a try tonight! #aussiepork #porksteaks

6-2-2 instructions

10 January (Wednesday)


The Simpsons tells us you don’t make friends with salad, but this juicy pork steak says otherwise! #aussiepork #622

Share this recipe: Pork fillet and quinoa salad

12 January (Friday)


Mangos are a family favourite, but have you served them up for main course? Why not try a BBQ pork steak with mango coconut salsa? #622 #aussiepork