Moisture Infused

What is Moisture Infused Pork?

It is a type of pork that has been infused with a solution of water and salts. This has been done to help the pork stay moist, juicy and tender after cooking and improve eating quality.


How should Infused Pork be cooked?

Infused Pork can be cooked by all the same methods you would usually cook pork: pan fry, grill, BBQ, roast, stir fry, etc. Cooking is even easier with Infused Pork, as the tender and juicy meat means it’s harder to overcook and dry out.  Suggest your customers try it on the BBQ for guaranteed juiciness.


What is the sodium (salt) level?

The nutritional profile of Infused Pork is similar to other fresh, lean pork, with the exception of the addition of sodium and phosphate. The sodium content in Infused pork makes it a “moderate sodium” food and is very comparable to other foods (please refer to your supplier for actual sodium level if required). Suggest to customers they have the choice whether to add more salt at cooking or the table.  In fact, a normal sized packet of chips contains more salt than over 2kgs of MI pork.


What can I do with Infused Pork Offcuts?

Infused Pork can be successfully included in rissoles and sausages for additional sales.  However, given the added ingredients, Infused Pork cannot be added to mince.

Insider tips

  • Identify Infused Pork as a new offering. The best sales results have been from retailers who have informed their customers about Infused Pork as a new product to try at home. Your customers will take a fresh look at pork.
  • Explain the benefits of Infused pork to your customers. Tell them it is infused – a new type of pork which will cook and taste superb and is easy to cook. Encourage them to try it.
  • Train your staff. Share this handy Q&A section with your staff.
  • Buy boxed Infused Pork from an APL Certified Supplier. Infused Pork requires specialised equipment to ensure quality and food safety. Australian Pork has developed Infused Pork standards and certified suppliers to ensure the quality of Infused Pork. Always source from a specialist certified supplier.